You're probably asking yourself,    
What exactly is Chiropractic Care?"    

Chiropractic care is based on the belief that the pathway to optimal health is through the central nervous system.  The spinal cord, which is protected by the spine, is the switchboard or main pathway of the nervous system.  Our nervous system travels through the spinal cord controlling everything in us. Therefore, your nervous system is directly responsible for your ability to function and heal. Every system, organ, tissue, and cell is under the control of your nervous system.

The Doctor of Chiropractic is dedicated to correcting a devastating health condition called VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION.

Vertebral subluxation
is when one or more of the bones of the spine move out of position.   These subluxations can create pressure on or irritate spinal nerves causing interference with the messages that the nerves deliver to every part of our body.  Vertebral subluxations can be caused by poor sleeping habits, poor posture, strenuous exercise or sports, injuries stemming from poor working conditions, automobile accidents, and slip and falls.  Vertebral subluxations can even be caused during the birthing process for both mother and baby. 

Uncorrected vertebral subluxations can cause parts of your body to not work properly leading to ailments  and poor health.  It is the responsbility of the chiropractor to detect vertebral subluxations and correct them by gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments of the vertebrae. Spinal adjustments allow the nervous system to be freed from interference thus allowing the body to heal and reach it's optimal level of functioning naturally!

At Quest to Health Chiropractic our goal is to have each and everyone of us attain optimal health through natural chiropractic care. Our gentle approach is effective without the use of drugs or surgery and is suitable for all patients, from adults, pregnant women, babies and children, to athletes and senior citizens.

Listed below are just a few of the conditions which can greatly benefit from chiropractic care:

Neck Pain            



Low Back Pain      

Ear Infections                     

Sports Injuries       


Shoulder Pain       

Headaches and Migraines 


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome   


Digestive Problems           

At Quest to Health Chiropractic, we  have open invitations to our
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*Half Hour to Health
*Living the Life You've Always Wanted
*De-stress During the Holidays
*Saturday Morning Workouts


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